Update Your Look With the Latest Blazers on VAENO

Arguably, a tailored blazer is the one piece of clothing you can have that does more to transform any outfit, no matter what you’re wearing, into a pulled together chic look. Grab it to wear on top of a party dress, at the office, on a date, even at the pub, and watch the doors open for you.
In my experience, the custom-made styles, like those on VAENO, add chic versatility to your wardrobe and can do wonders for your look. Do try to pair with something other than trainers or pyjamas though. It’s not a magical after all, there are still limits to just how much a blazer can do for you.

Choices, choices, choices

If you haven’t shopped for a blazer in years, you might still think there is only one style to choose from. You know the one that looks like a men’s suit jacket, only shorter and more fitted? Maybe this isn’t for you; it doesn’t express your style or personality, so you’ve never bothered with it.
I get it. It’s the same with jeans. One style does not fit all.
While this limitation in choices might have been true before, in recent years, designers have opened our options considerably. Now there is a style for everyone. Take your pick between the classic, fitted, boyfriend, or oversized look, just to name a few.
Your wardrobe just isn’t complete without a blazer. Take a look at some of the options VAENO has to offer, and you’ll see just how useful they can be.


If you’re looking for something unique, but still in black, this is a great pick. Perfect for the professional woman in the office or at any meeting. This contemporary take on the traditional tweed look is made from 50% wool, to keep you warm, and features a bracelet sleeve. The attention to detail with its double clasp closure and the chain trim on the pockets, collar, shoulder and cuff, gives this blazer a touch of class.


If you are looking for a statement blazer that is designed flawlessly to create the perfect silhouette, just look to the Tuxedo blazer. Whether you’re attending a wedding ceremony attire, office meetting, a dinner with friends, or for a date, this is the best go-to-blazer. It won’t disappoint you. The embossed gold buttons on the breast and cuff give it a unique appearance and will draw attention to you in a subtle way.
I love wearing mine with designer tops and ankle length jeans. It will also go well with VAENO’s silk bodysuits and skinny trousers, just three pieces and you’ll achieve a flawless look instantly.


Well fitted, tweed blazer makes it easy to take the traditional herringbone pattern from the countryside to the city. Even though it is made of 100% wool, the blazer is tailored for a slim fit to emphasis your feminine form and doesn’t hang heavy with overly heavy material. Its dark green colour will draw attention to your individuality and unique personality, but is still demure enough for formal occasions. Smart work wear
Recommended pairing with a flowy blouse and skinny jeans. Boots or a pair of heels will work perfectly.

Final thoguhts

Fashion trends cone and go, but certain styles and looks are timeless. Don’t spend your hard earned money on clothes that will only last you a season or two. Take time to consider your style now, and what it will be in the next few years. Buy clothes that will last.

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