Simple Ways on How to Detox Your Body in 10 Days

For years now, there are a lot of detox programs that gained popularity. Some of them worked well for a lot of people but did not work well for others. There are others who want to detoxify but because the foods indicated on the program are not available in their region, or because the program is too complicated, or the program is too long, or the program dictates too much sacrifice that it won’t work out if a person has a busy schedule, they opted not to.

While it is indeed a sacrifice to drop the kind of lifestyle you have to live a different one, it is for the better. Detoxifying the body is important to stay healthy and to avoid sickness and future complicated illnesses like cancer and if it means having to do a little bit of sacrifice, then it should be done.

The good thing is, detoxifying does not have to be very extreme, or complicated, or expensive to work.

These are very easy, and still effective ways on how to detox your body in just a few days.

Overweight woman eating fast food.

For the next 10 days, all you have to do is avoid the following food:
– Dairy
– Sugar-rich foods like jams, cakes, biscuits, cookies, chocolates, pies, etc.
– Foods containing wheat like bread
– Red meats
– Salt and salty foods
– Alcohol
– Coffee


fruit salad

You can have the following:
– Fruits like berries, bananas, oranges, clementine, grapes, coconut, pineapples, papayas, kiwis, pears, apples, melons, apples, etc.
– Potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam, taro
– Beans
– Brassica Oleracea vegetables like brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflowers, kale, cabbage, etc
– Oats, muesli, and brown rice
– Unsalted nuts like macadamia, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, pecans, etc.
– Fresh herbs
– Ginger, garlic, pepper, balsamic vinegar
– Tofu and any types of fresh fish like tuna, mackerel, salmon, cod, prawns, halibut, etc


Breakfast Suggestions
– Oats or muesli
Slice some fruits and drizzle with honey to add a bit of sweetness.
– Fruit smoothies
The combination of fresh or frozen fruits plus honey, if you want it a bit sweet.
– Fresh Fruits
Add some yogurt and honey if you do not want it plain.

Lunch Suggestions:
– Salad with unsalted nuts
Salad that is made of greens like spinach or lettuce, combined with berry potatoes or avocados, then drizzled with balsamic vinegar and topped with walnuts or almonds.
– Steamed vegetables with tofu or tuna
Steam the beans, season it with Italian herbs and garlic and eat them with pan fried tofu or tuna.
– Salmon Lettuce wraps
Pan-fry salmon on extra virgin olive oil and season it with pepper, oregano and garlic.
– Vegetable and fruit smoothie
Fresh vegetables like kale and broccoli combined with your favorite fruits can be combined to make a great vegetable and fruit smoothie.
– Vegetable Soup
Cook the quinoa and mix it together with spinach, shaved brussel sprouts, and some of your favorite fruits like raspberries, melons, or apples. Drizzle it with sesame oil.
– Prawns or any fish with baked potato

– Fresh fruits and vegetables
– Unsalted peanuts
– Yogurt

Dinner Suggestions
– Salmon Rissole
Mix the medium sized can of salmon in natural oil, some potatoes boiled potatoes, chopped kale and squeeze in one medium sized lemon. Form them into flat circles then fry.
– Fish with chopped bell pepper, mushrooms, and tomatoes.
Mix together the chopped or sliced bell peppers, mushrooms and potatoes, you can have them raw or you can stir-fry them. Add a small piece of fried fish of your choice
– Tofu with bamboo shoots
– Stir fried vegetables
Mix a few cloves of garlic together with broccolis, cauliflowers and cabbages then sprinkle with sesame oil.
– Vegetable and fruit smoothie
Fresh vegetables like kale and broccoli combined with your favorite fruits can be combined to make a great vegetable and fruit smoothie.

Note: It is important to have a smoothie as a meal per day. However, having the smoothie during the two out of the three major meals(breakfast, lunch, and dinner) may lead to better detox results in as early as 5 days.

There are a lot to choose from when it comes to picking the meal you can have when detoxing. Just take note of what you should have and what you should avoid. Although extreme measures can be much more effective and results can be visible in just a few days, it is still good to do it at your own pace so that your body can cope up with a changing lifestyle very well. That way, shifting to a better lifestyle would become very natural.