Pink Diamond Worth 40M – Who Is Gonna Pay That Much

On April 16th, this 34.65 carat extreme red diamond goes up for auction by Christie’s of New York. It’s likely to be the biggest red diamond sold ever. I question will some A-list celeb mount this as an gemstone — you only cannot tell!

It is a cushion cut diamond and from the Golconda mine in Indian (thanks Yahoo). This gemstone was documented as belonging to the noble family of Hyderbad who dominated the Mughal Empire (I understand you knew this previously however for the new students!)

The Hyderabad monarchy provided the bit at market in 1960 where the stone fetched an amount of 46,000 pounds sterling (about $69,588 in today’s currency) when French jeweler Van Cleef and Arpels purchased it via its Birmingham branch.

The stone was afterwards called “The Princie” in honor of the 14-year-old Indian Prince of Baroda who attended a French party used by the company.

pink diamond

pink diamond

Based on the Swiss Broadcasting Company, a 25-carat red stone offered this year for $45.72 thousand bucks at a Geneva market.

Sotheby’s auction house, which offered that specific stone, said red diamonds of this kind of dimension were “off-the-scale rare” and never appeared on the open market. It additionally maintained pink gemstones were the most desired of all of the colors. This type of color is believed to be developed by a distortion in the crystal framework which absorbs light otherwise.

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