Engagement Rings For Your Lady: Discover What She Wants

This ring above is just 1 of hundreds sold by Voltaire Diamonds from Dublin/London. If you’d like to check their very competitive prices visit Voltaire Diamonds websites – Dublin or London

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  1. Yes, a yellow gold ring could be plaetd with white gold. However, most white gold jewelry is plaetd with rhodium a member of the platinum family to achieve that shiny white finish we all so love in the jewelry store window. White gold is actually a grayish color.The plating process is simple and relatively inexpensive.However, the plating will wear off and you will need to replate the ring relatively often. Plating is considered a temporary finish for jewelry. Any spot that the rhodium plating is wearing off on a yellow gold ring will be very apparent because of the the color contrast.If you have your heart set on a particular style of ring in white gold and it is no longer being made because the company has gone out of business, I would find a jeweler who does custom work and would be willing to make the ring in white gold for you.Good luck.

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